Yes this is working on 2.2 , I cant find out why it shouldn't work . how does 
your new SuexecStripBase config look like? Its still declared like 
SuexecUserGroup, so it needs 2 variables which are send to 
*set_uname(cmd_parms *cmd, void *dummy, const char *uid, const char *gid)
in the last 2 parameters. 

uhm about that null pointer :/, have you tried printing out strdup("valqka") ?
the get method should work.
I cant test it, but i guess t would come in handy to find out where it fails.
(print the parameters etc )
I had a problem running mod-fcgid once because i had no compiled apache on my 
box which lead to very strange nullpointer failures with it not finding the 
configs . maybe thats the problem.

Well I'm not responsible for syscp ^^, so I don't know where they got all 
these skins. Was a kinda funny story how my mod-fcgid and syscp hacks got in 
there . I still want to write a nice mod for syscp so i can easily include 
whatever config i want ( python etc )

On Monday 23 June 2008 10:09:08 you wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying for over a week,
> I'm having troubles set/get the variable in the fcgi_config.c
> I run the set function but in get the variable is null and I can't
> understand why.
> Is this patch against 1.X or 2.0.X or 2.2.X because I'm using apache22.
> here are the links to code:
> http://valqk.pechurka.com/fcgid_conf.c
> http://valqk.pechurka.com/fcgid_conf.h
> http://valqk.pechurka.com/mod_fcgid.c
> btw, very nice work with syscp!!!
> I'm building my custom admin pannel and some of the ideas are the same :)
> pretty nice work tought!!! :)
> another btw, where did you took this nice skinned/featured websvn from,
> it rocks! :)
> thanks for the answers! :)
> cheers,
> valqk.

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