> I have an application that I'd like to switch to mod_fcgid, but  
> unfortunately it doesn't work as I wanted it to. the (php) application  
> uses basic authentication (not in apache but in php) but the entered  
> information is definitely not sent down to the application with  
> mod_fcgid.

I already said something on this topic on this mailing list but somehow
I didn't provoke much feedback at all.

Anyway, have a look at the following postings:


If the patch still applies to the current code base (I haven't tried
it), you can use it in combination with

PassHeader Authorization

in order to make sure PHP gets the necessary authentication information.


PS: Just as a side note, mod_fastcgi has exactly the same problem and I
got even less reaction when posting a patch there:


Seems like all FastCGI implementations for Apache known to me have no
interest at all in this issue.

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