Max Dittrich a écrit :
> AFAIK (?) mod_fcgid can't multiplex multiple request on one fcgi-socket.
> The fcgi-connection is 1:1 (http request <--> fcgi connection) and can't
> be shared across childs/threads of apache.
> .max
Ok, it is what I see too. Thanks.

Filip Hajny a écrit :
> PHP forks because you tell it to. If you ever set PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN to  
> anything, PHP will fork *that many* processes right away regardless of  
> how many requests you receive. mod_fcgid doesn't know anything about  
> this, so you're essentially spawning processes at two levels  
> (mod_fcgid and PHP itself). My suggestion is to yank our  
> PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN completely. Just leave the process management to  
> mod_fcgid.
> --
> Filip Hajny
Of course PHP forks because I ask to do it. But the question is why this 
feature exists if it is _totally_ useless ?
I will ask on the PHP mailing list, maybe they know why they add that 
strange behavior.



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