On Fri, May 21, 1999 at 07:47:00PM +0200, Bodo Moeller wrote:

> I've done some tests now ... IE sends its request and ignores both the
> server's shutdown *and* the TCP FIN (while Netscape finally gets the
> idea of closing a connection when the FIN arrives).  Finally the
> server sends a RST, and IE prints its error message.  And for the
> record, the SSL/TLS server at www.microsoft.com does not send any
> closure alerts at all -- after having sent its application data it
> resets (!) the connection.  So neither TLS nor TCP are handled
> correctly by it.  (At the HTTP port, it closes the connection
> cleanly.)  IE doesn't mind if the connection has disappeared by the
> time it wants to launch its next request, but it complains if this
> happens *after* the new request has been started.

I'd guess (but have not tested myself) that just sending a FIN and not
resetting the connection should also work, *as long as you don't send
a SSL/TLS close_notify*.  What IE cannot handle is when after it has
sent its request there are still bytes available to recv(), namely the
close_notify alert.
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