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>Whats the benefit of mod_ssl compared to Apache-SSL???

One has got "mod" in its name and the other hasn't :-)

I am not expert enough to comment on the two implementations of SSL
technology so I restrict myself to the useability differences:

Apache-SSL is a monolithic program with the SSL functionality hard-coded
into apache. This leads to a large binary. Also, many SSL directives are
*required* in the config in order for it to work. 

mod_ssl allows you to add or remove SSL functionality to an already
working apache (assuming you compiled with EAPI and DSO). So you have
more flexibility.

In a single server set-up, there is probably little to choose from
between the two, however, I could imagine a multi-apache environment
where you wanted some servers with SSL and some without. mod_ssl would
be a good choice there.

As far as I can see, there is no difference between Apache-SSL and
apache with mod_ssl statically compiled - both lead to a monolithic,
SSL-aware binary.

Finally, in my experience, mod_ssl tracks apache updates really fast.
Usually a new mod_ssl is ready within a day of a new apache version.
Apache-SSL tends to be slower and is sometimes a few versions behind


Owen Boyle

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