Hello everyone.

I apologize for disturbing with this request, but I am a little 

I have Linux Slackware 2.4 on a Duron 700 with 150 MB of ram or so.
I wanted access to SquirrelMail and I wanted to be able to do so with 
https, so that I was secure when doing it outside of the local 

Despite generating the keys (password free) and signing them, 
configuring to what I believed to be correct (obviously not) conf 
files for mod_ssl and httpd, I get the following error:

    $ openssl s_client -connect def.con.ca:443 
    24271:error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown

I did some searching online and reading around someone suggested that 
I'd add the following to httpd.conf:

    LoadModule ssl_module libexec/libssl.so 
    AddModule mod_ssl.c 

There is no need:

    [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/etc/apache# apachectl configtest 
    [Mon Dec 27 22:08:58 2004] [warn] module ssl_module is already
    loaded, skipping 
    [Mon Dec 27 22:08:58 2004] [warn] module mod_ssl.c is already added,

Further reading online: add SSLEngine on within the Virtual Host 
setting (I'm guessing they meant in mod_ssl.conf?) and that is done.  
As well it was suggested that there may be a lack of directory.  
That's present as well.

Checking the status:

    [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/etc/apache# netstat -tln | grep 443 
    tcp        0      0   *              

Okay, so I'm not that off.

Obviously I am doing something wrong, albeit I am at a loss as to 
what excatly I screwed up.  Can someone kindly kick me in the right 

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