I've run into a problem when using windows clients to transfer files to an apache/linux server. We use an in-house windows app which calls a cgi located on the server and transfers a file to it. The problem we're having is the transfer speed is almost a 3rd of what it should be (1mb file = 16 sec). We put up a simple cgi which allows the client to choose a file and upload it to the server to determine if it was our application or something with apache/windows . We're getting the same slow upload results. We've run this test from multiple locations each with a dedicated T-1 with no other traffic and the results are consitant. If we use a Linux box, we get the full T-1 speed (1mb file = 6sec). If we don't use https, we get 6 second times with Win98 but 16 second times with Win 2000pro. We are able to download files from this server with no problem. When testing from home, I'm able to get the full 2meg download speed.

Apache 1.3.33
Kernel 2.4.21-4.EL

We've tried both perl and c++ CGIs.

Any ideas ??
Thanks walt !

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