On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 04:48:09PM -0500, Jason Kaskel wrote:
> This is technically both a mod_perl and mod_ssl question. Maybe I 
> should harass their mailing list too.
> I have a PerlAccessHandler that needs to access certificate 
> information.  According to what I've read the environment isn't loaded 
> with this information until the fixup phase which occurs right before 
> the response phase (and well after the access phase).  Is there any 
> other way for me to access certificate information this early in the 
> Apache process (specifically the data that gets loaded into 
> SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_CN)?  Failing that is there a way for me to force the 
> fixup phase to occur before the access phase?

With the mod_ssl in httpd 2.0, you can do this using Geoff Young's
Apache::SSLLookup module, which extracts variables directly from mod_ssl
rather than going through the environment table:



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