Hello Bob.

> #4  0x08072d00 in ap_hook_call (
>     hook=0xfffffe00 <Address 0xfffffe00 out of bounds>) at ap_hook.c:382
>                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ problem here too?

I don't know about this one ....

> Using strace -p <pid> I get:
> read(3,
> Using lsof -n -p <pid> I get and looking for FD 3, I see this:
> apache.db 21547 www-data    3u  IPv4 16364769             TCP
> xx.xxx.xxx.xxx:www->xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:51923 (ESTABLISHED)

.... but when it comes to this one, I would say that the main reason
why a read() keeps hanging on a TCP socket is that the client or peer
has not shut down the connection, that is, the client or peer has not
performed a shutdown(), close() or exit().

Of course, you could argue that mod_ssl should have implemented a
timeout for conditions like that.

Maybe there is some kind of protocol problem here, in that mod_ssl is
still expecting data, while the client thinks there is no more data
to send, or maybe the client too is hanging in a read().



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