That sounds like a lot of unnecessary overhead for the Apache boxes. Check: .. it does precisely what you seek.


Saikat Saha wrote:

We are trying to setup apache 2.2.4 alongwith mod_ssl and mod_jk. Mod_jk has been successfully configured and working with two instances of Jboss.

However after installing mod_ssl, does not seem to be installed/configured properly. Is there some link which describes step by step setup process to configure

Mod_ssl with apache 2.2.4? Can anyone please forward the link?

Also, we have three ports, two of them need to be https and one needs to be http. How do we configure this?

In our configuration, we want Apache to receive https requests from clients and then forward http to the Jboss application server thru mod_jk. Can someone please point to some link/documentation.

We would assume these are standard practices.

Thank you so very much for your kind help.



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