> I am running Apache 2.0.59 with mod_ssl on Windows Server 2003 and am
> noticing that dbm session caching is not working.
> With the following configuration option:
> SSLSessionCache dbm:logs/ssl-scache.log
> The DIR/PAG files are created, but they are always size zero, and the
> server never reuses sessions when requested by the client.
> I'm seeing this error message in the logs - any suggestions?
> [Mon Jun 18 13:55:49 2007] [debug] ssl_scache_dbm.c(134): data size
> large for DBM session cache: 957 >= 950
> Are other cache storage types preferable to dbm?  I tried shmcb and it
> works fine - perhaps I should just stick with shm?

It appears the problem is client authentication.  With it turned on, the
dbm cache simply cannot handle the entry size.

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