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>Subject: How to accept only certain client certificates

>Dear all,

>I have a working SSL configuration, with client certificate
>The SSLCACertificateFile directive is set so I accept every client who
>has a certificate from that CA.

>The problem is that since I'm running a web service, not webpages,
>I want allow the access for a few clients only.
>One way to achieve this to create my own CA and Issue client
>which I'm doing now.
>But my clients have their own certificates issued by eg. Verisign.
>Is there a way to allow theese certs while denying the other from the
same >CA?
>Can I just somehow directly enumerate the certificates I want to allow,

>similar to the java truststore concept?

Perhaps you can use SSLRequire to use certificate parameters for
conditional access.  You should be able to enumerate the desired client
distinguished names.

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