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Hi Vianney,

"When i go to http://server/, it redirects to https://server/ and i have a
404 error."

This is happening because you have this:

     <IfModule mod_ssl.c>
     RewriteEngine on
     RewriteRule ^.*$ https://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R]

in your main VirtualHost definition.  If you have SSL enabled, any request
for anything (signified by the ^.*$) would be redirected to the https
server.  Do you have a default page setup?  Check your httpd.conf file to
see what suffixes are set.

"I just want to redirect http://admin.server/phpmyadmin (not
http://server/phpmyadmin byt http://admin.server/phpmyadmin) to

Does your server have a DNS record for "admin" or do you have something in
your /etc/hosts file that points to "admin?"  This syntax "admin.domain"
usually means that you want to get to the "admin" machine on the "domain"
domain.  To set this up, you have to have something that tells Apache which
machine will answer to the name "admin."  Then you'll want to edit your
rewrite rule to just redirect calls to "admin.domain."

"I would also redirect the web pages of a software running on localhost:3000
(on the server) to https://admin.server/ntop/";

Read up on the use of the mod_rewrite module:

For Apache 1.3 =>
For Apache 2 =>

Hope that helps,


Dwight Victor, CISSP (Contractor)
DISA-PAC EMSS Gateway Hawaii
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