> If in my httpd.conf file I have numerous virtual hosts defined with include 
> files like:
> Include /usr/local/apache/conf/conf.d/devl00.conf
> Include /usr/local/apache/conf/conf.d/devl01.conf
> Include /usr/local/apache/conf/conf.d/devl02.conf
> Include /usr/local/apache/conf/conf.d/devl03.conf
> If I SSL enable the entire server in the main httpd.conf file, would I be 
> able to access each virtual host on port 443 like 
> https://devl02.mydomain.com/?
> I believe I would be able to access https://www.mydomain.com securely as well.
> I guess the question is, can you SSL enable the entire server, and access 
> each virtual host via port 443?

This comes up so often that it is in the Apache SSL FAQ.  You may not
have more than one SSL host on any given IP/Port combination.



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