My goal was to to set up Subversion on Apache.

I installed svn and apache 2.2 on Windows 2000 (a
vmware image) system, I used the compiled binaries (I
did not compile myself). File name was

All works fine for the svn part through http, but I
wanted also to setup ssl (after svn was already set

I created server.key and server.crt files as described
and copied them to the Apache conf directory.

I uncommented in httpd.conf the LoadModule ssl_module

I uncommented the Include conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf

I restarted my Apache Service but error is prompted:
windows could not start apache2.2 service. Contact the
service vendor and refer to service specific error
code 1.

if i run httpd.exe from commind line this echos:
C:\Program Files\Apache Software
Syntax error on line 68 of C:/Program Files/Apache
Software Foundation/Apache2.2
Invalid SSLMutex argument file:C:/Program Files/Apache
Software Foundation/Apach
e2.2/logs/ssl_mutex (Valid SSLMutex mechanisms are:
`none', `default' )

and if I change in https-ssl.conf SSLMutex from
SSLMutex  "file:C:/Program Files/Apache Software
Foundation/Apache2.2/logs/ssl_mutex" to 

SSLMutex  none

still the same error

Where could my problem be ?


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