Hi Paul,

This appears to be easily fixed by having a new release of XML-DOM.  Both
authors have permissions for XML::DOM, but both also released version
1.45.  Releasing a bumped version in the newer distribution should resolve
the conflict.


On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 9:10 PM, Paul Bennett <paul.w.benn...@gmail.com>

> There are two incompatible distros on CPAN that both provide packages
> named XML::DOM... libxml-enno (from 1998) and XML-DOM (from this year).
> Is it possible to get libxml-enno moved to BackPAN or at least deleted
> from CPAN?
> Case in point, chef's perlbrew provider's "perlbrew_cpanm" block takes an
> array of module names, and seems to be pulling in both of the distros, with
> one's files overwriting the other's, and it's been giving me a Bad Day.
> Thanks
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