On 2020-01-08 6:26 a.m., Shlomi Fish wrote:
On Wed, 8 Jan 2020 05:09:18 -0600
Ryan Thompson <i...@ry.ca> wrote:

Hello all,

If no one else wants to, I'm willing to take over TimeDate and stay on
top of the issues going forward.

I also have some extra bandwidth right now to get another release out
ASAP. I've tested the patch from RT and it does seem to do the trick.

- Ryan <r...@cpan.org>

Hi all!

I am perfectly fine with Ryan here getting ownership on TimeDate instead of
me (or in addition).

Thanks Ryan for volunteering as well.

I just want to help if I can. Since you took the initiative to bring this issue to light, please don't let me interfere if you would prefer to have first-come, here.

P.S: Ryan, note that http://ry.ca/ (= your home site) gives me a 403 forbidden.
can you fix it?

Sorry about that. I'm retiring an old server, so DNS for ry.ca (not www.ry.ca) was temporarily wrong. Changes should be propagated by now.

- R <r...@cpan.org>

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