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I have been granted COMAINT status by Paul Fenwick on CPAN distribution IPC-System-Simple.  This distribution is built and maintained using Dist::Zilla and quite a few Dist::Zilla plugins.  I do not, in general, use Dist::Zilla in any of my own CPAN distributions.  It's much too "auto-magicky" for my needs and taste, so I only use it when, say, I have to diagnose a test failure in a "CPAN-River-3000" module.

But in this case I have to use dzil, so I'd like to get some answers to specific questions en route to formulating what (for me, at least) will be best practices for maintaining this distribution going forward.

1.  How do I add a Travis-CI configuration to a distribution maintained with Dist::Zilla?

The IPC-System-Simple repository did not have a .travis.yml configuration file when I cloned the repo, so I added one (attached) copied from one of my other CPAN distros where it DWIMs.  I made no changes in dist.ini.  The only other change I made was to modify a test to deal with the github issue that led me to request comaintenance on this distro in the first place.  I activated the configuration under my Travis account and pushed to github.  However, the Travis build failed, here:


This build failed with this log output:

[DZ] attempt to add META.json multiple times; added by: text from coderef added by MetaJSON (Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaJSON line 91); filename set by GatherDir (Dist::Zilla::Plugin::GatherDir line 225); encoded_content added by @Basic/GatherDir (Dist::Zilla::Plugin::GatherDir line 226)



So, what do I need to do to get Dist::Zilla and Travis to play nice with each other?  (Attached: the Travis config I wrote and the existing dist.ini file.)

As reported earlier in this thread, removing '--auto' from the Travis configuration, as recommended by Dan Book, did the trick.

2.  For testing on Windows, how do I add an Appveyor configuration to a distribution maintained with Dist::Zilla?

I haven't tried an Appveyor configuration/run yet, but since I had problems with Travis, I assume I'll also encounter problems with Appveyor.

I managed to get an Appveyor configuration, but the build stopped when it couldn't locate a prereq needed only on Windows. I decided to defer all work on Windows (which I don't have access to) until a later date.

3.  Assume that I am the co-maintainer of the distribution but have rights to push to the original author's repository, which will remain the canonical repository.  How do I then get the CPAN release to show up under my CPAN ID (JKEENAN)?

I decided to KISS. I called 'dzil test' and 'dzil build' then manually uploaded the resulting tarball to CPAN in the same way I've done since 2002.

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan

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