On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 11:56 AM Peter John Acklam <pjack...@gmail.com>

> To the PAUSE admins,
> I would like to take over the responsibility of the Math-Matrix
> distribution / the Math::Matrix module.
> I contacted the three authors listed in the Math::Matrix POD, Ulrich
> Pfeifer, Brian J. Watson, and Matthew Brett. All three e-mails bounced back
> to me because of invalid e-mail addresses.
> Then I contacted BIRKETT and ULPFR via their @cpan.org addresses. These
> two are listed on the page
> https://rt.cpan.org/Dist/Display.html?Name=Math-Matrix. BIRKETT (William
> B. Birkett) replied that he has never had any involvement in the module and
> doesn't even know why he is listed on that page. ULPFR (Ulrich Pfeifer),
> who released the most recent version of Math-Matrix in 2013, has not
> replied.
> I would be grateful if one of the PAUSE admins could add me as first-come
> or at least as co-maintainer.
> Kind regards,
> Peter John Acklam / PJACKLAM on CPAN


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