Hi Peter,

I’m one of the PAUSE admins, and I’m also on this. I’ve copied this reply to 
the PAUSE admins public list, which is modu...@perl.org

> I would like to take over the responsibility of the Math-Matrix distribution 
> / the Math::Matrix module.

If you haven’t already read it, the PAUSE Operating Model describes how things 
like this are handled. In particular, you should refer to section 4:


> I contacted the three authors listed in the Math::Matrix POD, Ulrich Pfeifer, 
> Brian J. Watson, and Matthew Brett. All three e-mails bounced back to me 
> because of invalid e-mail addresses.
> Then I contacted BIRKETT and ULPFR via their @cpan.org <http://cpan.org/> 
> addresses. These two are listed on the page 
> https://rt.cpan.org/Dist/Display.html?Name=Math-Matrix 
> <https://rt.cpan.org/Dist/Display.html?Name=Math-Matrix>. BIRKETT (William B. 
> Birkett) replied that he has never had any involvement in the module and 
> doesn't even know why he is listed on that page. ULPFR (Ulrich Pfeifer), who 
> released the most recent version of Math-Matrix in 2013, has not replied.

Ulrich is the current holder of the first-come indexing permission on 
Math::Matrix, and he has done all releases to date.

Have you tried to contact Ulrich other ways, for example looking for him on 
LinkedIn, on twitter, and on IRC?

If you can show that you’ve made an appropriate amount of effort to contact 
him, then we’d consider giving you co-maint.

I’ll also email him, as we sometimes find that an "official" request[1] from a 
PAUSE admin can prompt a reply. Good luck!


[1] There’s no "official" about this really. As with all parts of the Perl 
infrastructure, everyone involved is a volunteer, and doing some part in the 

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