On Sun, Jul 5, 2020 at 6:25 PM Nikolay Chegodaev <nickch...@gmail.com>

> Hi San,
> Hi Module Authors,
> My name is Nikolay. I am a Perl enthusiast and worked as Perl Developer
> for 5 years. I am writing to you because of the Olaf Alders advice - the
> Gitpan repository keeper - https://github.com/gitpan. He told me that you
> may help to publish changes for the module to reflect the recent changes in
> Mojo::DOM, WWW::Mechanize::Query is dependent on Mojo::DOM or so it seems.
> The module is a really good approach and I do not think it would be good to
> leave it like this. Writing to both superasn email and module authors in
> the hope that some email would answer.
>  have tried to use https://github.com/gitpan/WWW-Mechanize-Query to
> implement a really small project on Perl v5.26.1 and encountered a number
> of errors which prevent me from using the module. In fact errors probably
> reflect recent changes in https://metacpan.org/pod/Mojo::DOM module which
> is a dependence for WWW-Mechanize-Query.
> I have made some testing changes to the module Query.pm on my localhost,
> which solved the issue for me. *Do you mind if I share them public and
> commit them to the repository, with your code review of course?*
> The changes are seem to be small and mostly related to sub input of the
> Query.pm module ( link to Gitpan project
> <https://github.com/gitpan/WWW-Mechanize-Query/blob/master/lib/WWW/Mechanize/Query.pm>
>  )
> for Perl v5.26.1 and Mojo::DOM <https://metacpan.org/pod/Mojo::DOM> the
> changes list for now only seem to include the following:
> 1) change all attrs calls to attr call - for example $ele->attrs( 'type' )
> to $ele->attr( 'type' )
> 2) change ->type call to ->tag call at the place where we check if the
> type of the element submitted is correct, but the information we check
> contains in ->tag attribute, not in the ->type attribute. -> type attribute
> only contains a "tag" in it since select or text boxes are considered like
> so in the new edition of Mojo::DOM it seems. For example: *} elsif (
> $ele->type =~ /select/i ) { should be changed to } elsif ( $ele->tag =~
> /select/i ) {*
> 3) change $dom->to_xml to just just dom at the response of the sub input
> for example: $self->update_html( $dom->to_xml ); to $self->update_html(
> $dom); to_xml seem not to be used in Mojo::DOM as far as I tested and it
> seems like just $dom already contains the xml content
> Please kindly find attached Query.pm with the changes - I have taken an
> audacity to change the version, please accept apologies if I should not.
> The attached module reflects the changes mentioned in the fields 1)-3). I
> have tested them on my localhost - seems working. Also while the module
> being used in combo with the WWW::Mechanize there are issues with the
> posting the forms - older format of form fields in there so debugging it at
> the moment, while working on my script/snippet - so probably a second fix
> to follow.

Hi Nikolay,

The issue tracker for this module is at
https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Dist/Display.html?Name=WWW-Mechanize-Query. I
did not find a github repository for the module. Only the maintainers would
be able to decide what changes should be made to the module.


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