Dan Book <gri...@gmail.com> writes:

> The issue tracker defaults to the auto-generated tracker on
> https://rt.cpan.org/ if none is specified; the others have no default.

Ah, thanks, didn't realize that.

>  If I want the homepage, bugtracker, etc. to be the ones provided by
>  MetaCPAN and CPAN, it would be redundant to specify them in the meta
>  spec, no? And also, should I provide 'resources.license'? Dist::Zilla
>  doesn't seem to do that by default despite knowing the license of the
>  project and URL to the license.
> MetaCPAN and CPAN do not provide any of these things, only the RT
> issue tracker would be assumed if you don't specify any. The homepage
> field is primarily useful if there is a website relevant to the
> distribution separate from its documentation/repository/issue tracker.

I see, thanks. I'm going to put my repository on Savannah
(sv.nongnu.org), and I'll have the Savannah page point to the MetaCPAN
page as the homepage. Then I'll have the MetaCPAN page point to Savannah
as the git repository, but should I also have MetaCPAN point to Savannah
as the homepage? I'm thinking not, because it would be confusing to have
MetaCPAN and Savannah disagree on what the homepage is, right?

> Feel free to specify the license field in resources, but it is just
> for URLs to license text which is not necessary if you provide the
> text of your licenses in the distribution, as most dzil dists do
> automatically. The top level license array is where the license(s) of
> the distribution is specified.

Yes, I do include the license file in the distribution, so I guess I
won't need to specify that field then.

Thanks for your help!


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