I managed to get my web app running with the following command:

mod_wsgi-express setup-server --user admin --group admin mycloud.wsgi 
--startup-log --access-log --port=80 --server-root=/usr/local/mycloud

Next, I managed to generate my SSL cert and performed the following:

mod_wsgi-express setup-server --user admin --group admin mycloud.wsgi 
--startup-log --access-log \
--port=443 --server-root=/usr/local/mycloud \
--https-port 443 --https-only --server-name localhost --ssl-certificate 

The error_log shows that my app is actually running when the apache is 
started (i.e. apachectl start)
No errors in startup_log and access_log

However, when i pointed my browser to https://localhost it shows the 
following error:

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

The error_log has the following line:

[Sat Sep 17 21:34:46.119671 2016] [authz_core:error] [pid 6953:tid 
139664394032896] [client] AH01630: client denied by server 
configuration: /usr/local/armscloud/htdocs/

I did not use htdocs when i run the web app without SSL and it was working 
fine. Do i need to add additional parameters to the mod_wsgi-express 
command for SSL ?

The generated certs are confirmed working.

=== My environment:
CentOS 6.8
port 443 is enabled in firewall
default apache service that comes with OS is disabled

python 2.7.12
virtualenv 15.0.3
pip freeze modules:



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