I would like to release version 2.0.0 of the appassembler -maven-plugin.

The Application Assembler Plugin is a Maven plugin for generating scripts
for starting java applications. All dependencies and the artifact of the
project itself are placed in a generated Maven repository in a defined
assemble directory. All artifacts (dependencies + the artifact from the
project) are added to the classpath in the generated bin scripts.

This release consists of:

  * The usual dependency upgrades
  * Drop Java 5 support ( reason for pump the release version)
  * Add option to clean staging directory without the need to run maven
clean for build optimizatoin pupose

The list of fixed issues can be viewed here:

Open issues:

Staging repository:

Central staging repository:


 [ ] +1
 [ ] +0
 [ ] -1

The vote is open for 72 hours and will succeed by lazy consensus.


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