Thanks for the suggestion Heiko.  I've done something similar to what you 
propose in a prior project - send the entire table to the browser at the 
start with the 'status' column blank then open a websocket that sends the 
status value for each row to the browser and have a little javacript that 
plugs in the status value in the appropriate row.  I was hoping to avoid 
that with this project because it seems like overkill for such a simple 
project, but the eventsource method in the link that you sent looks much 
simpler to implement so I'll experiment with that.

I tried 'wrapping' the list of calls to the various templates in a 
$c->delay(@list); structure, this causes the first template (table) to 
execute in its entirety but it never starts the second entry in the list 
(even though I see the result from the very last statement in the sub in 
$list[0].) Is there some magic that I need to invoke to make delay start 
the next item in the list?    

On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 5:38:56 PM UTC-4, Heiko Jansen wrote:
> I´m not sure if I understand your workflow correctly but how about this: 
> for every row processed send a small JSON documents to the browser which 
> contains information on the worksheet, row and row status and then have 
> some JavaScript code in the browser assemble and update the correct HTML 
> table (inserting another row)?
> I´d probably render a skeleton HTML page as response to the upload of the 
> Excel file, then start a new AJAX request from that page which triggers the 
> processing of the spreadsheet uploaded previously and receives the 
> processing status as "server-sent events" (cf. 
> <>
> ).
> Heiko

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