> sub bulk_insert {
>   my ($self, $table, $records, $options) = @_;
>   my ($stmt) = $self->pg->abstract->insert($table, $records->[0], 
> $options);
>   eval {
>     my $tx = $self->pg->db->begin;
>     my $i = $self->pg->db->dbh->prepare($stmt);
>     while ( my $next = shift @$records ) {
>       $i->execute(@$next{sort keys %$next});
>     }
>     $tx->commit;
>   };
>   return $@ if $@;
> }
There's a lot wrong with this. You should hold on to $db objects, there's a 
pool of connections in
Mojo::Pg. Manual prepare/execute is pointless, Mojo::Pg::Database has a 
transparent statement
handle cache, once you hold on to the $db object you get caching for free 
without having to do
anything. Just pass the same data structure to ->insert or same SQL to 
->query and you're done.


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