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> ok, I like mon. no bloat. no crud. just does the job. so, in a sense,
> there's no real need for ongoing activity or development -- except that
> the user documentation is sparse or non-existent. Oh, and the name. It
> took me forever to stumble on mon. I'd been looking at hobbit, nagios,
> etc. Searched many times over and wasn't satisfied. Even knowing about
> mon, it's impossible to search for stuff related to it. Is it ever
> mentioned on linuxquestions.org? on sunmanagers list? who knows? can't
> filter for it. oh, but I did mention it the other day on linuxquestions,
> so, yes, it is there.

Part of that I think is because once Mon is deployed somewhere, it
doesn't really need to be modified, it just works, so it's probably
installed in a lot of places and just humming along just fine, so you
don't really hear about it.

Mon is under active development, heck I just checked in a bunch of
patches we had been running not too long ago:


As you can see there is a lot of development in CVS, but there hasn't
been an official release for a while; I'm sure when Jim wants to make
an official release, then you'll see a lot more discussion about Mon,
and maybe even some more developers. :)

I thought the same way you did a few months ago, that the Mon project
was dead, but it's not, it's just not very visibly alive. ;)

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