I also notice that the snmpvar.monitor also exhibits this behavior, so is my 
machine just hosed or what?  :)


Alex Moen wrote:
> Hi all,
> Looking to see if anyone has updated the cisco_interface.monitor to work with 
> "modern" perl implementations.  I am by no means a perlmonger, so am 
> just trying to use it to monitor my Cisco interfaces, but cannot seem to make 
> it work no matter what version of Net-SNMP that I install, so I figure 
> that it is probably written for an older version of Net-SNMP and is having 
> "backwards compatibility" issues.  Namely, the script complains of the 
> unavailability of SNMP::Session (or SNMP/, which does not seem to 
> exist in the newer versions of Net-SNMP.
> Has anyone else been able to overcome this problem?  If so, how?  I really 
> would like to use Mon to watch my interfaces, possibly as a replacement for 
> HP's OpenView Network Node Manager, if possible.
> Thanks for any input that you can give!
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