You'd probably need 2 processes ; one to drive and another process to go
off and stat the mount point. The driver would invoke the stat'ers, and
if the stat doesn't come back in some seconds, declare the mount hung.
Because if the mount really is hung, the stat process is going to hang
forever too, so you don't want your driver process to get hung too.


On Thu, 27 Mar 2008, Augie Schwer wrote:

> Anyone have a good way to monitor for a hung NFS mount on a remote machine?
> I've been at it all day trying to come up with a clever way to check
> the hung mount, not let the monitor get hung and return some useful
> information; like what mount is hung, but I've come to a dead end and
> I think the best that can be done is to let the monitor timeout and
> then sound an alarm based on that timeout.
> Anyone else have ideas?
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