> Oh, I remember this one.  One way to fix may be to recompile
> net-snmpd with "--with-dummy-values" - IIRC the "contiguous"
> behavior used to be the default, but it turned out to not fully
> conform to the SNMP standard, and when net-snmpd changed its
> default behavior, a number of SNMP client programs stopped working
> properly.

Recompiling net-snmpd is not really an option: we have a ton of 
machines to keep upgraded so unless it is an absolute must-have 
bugfix, we can't be in the game of rolling our own packages. 

> The latest and greatest snmpdiskspace.monitor in CVS has some
> patches to address this problem:
> http://mon.cvs.sourceforge.net/mon/mon/mon.d/snmpdiskspace.monitor?
> Please try that one and see if it works any better for you.

Doesn't seem to be fixed, eg: 

./snmpdiskspace.monitor --config /etc/mon/snmpdiskspace.cf --list 
System           Description                    % Used    Free space     
herndon-db001    /                                 0.6 %     10026.9 
mb     N/A
herndon-db001    /sys                              0.0 %   -413963.4 
mb     N/A
herndon-db001    /sys/kernel/debug                 0.0 %    -32259.5 
mb     N/A
herndon-db001    /boot                             0.2 %       485.3 
mb     N/A
herndon-db001    /data                             0.0 %    702469.5 
mb     N/A
herndon-db001    /data/home                        0.0 %    368589.7 
mb     N/A

(Note: negative free space)

Here's the corresponding output from snmpfreespace.monitor (the bash 
script I attached to my last message): 

./snmpfreespace.monitor -p99 herndon-db001
herndon-db001:/ is 25% full - 2,444M used out of 10,080M total
herndon-db001:/boot is 3% full - 14M used out of 486M total
herndon-db001:/data is 59% full - 413,960M used out of 702,472M total

-- Jonathan

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