Yep! It worked.
Thanks a lot for the fast response and the patch.

- Giampaolo

2011/7/19 Jim Trocki <>

> On Tue, 19 Jul 2011, Giampaolo Rodolà wrote:
>  By digging into commit history I found this:
>> I picked up latest development version from
>>  replaced the main mon
>> executable but that didn't fix the problem.
> let me know if the attached patch helps. watch the syslog "info"
> output for "master alert pid", "child alert pid", and "reaped pid".
> there should be one "reaped pid" for every "alert pid", assuming all
> alert processes are exiting properly.
> if that doesn't help, send a process tree output showing the zombies so
> i can see whose zombies they are, actually.
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