Thank you, Jonathan! but i'd like to try out, I set the apache 
with mod_proxy.. i think it should forward the request to mongrel, 
localhost:3000.. but how will the mongrel figure out where are the ruby apps? 
it will get a request for example.tld or example6.tld and example4.tld at the 
same time.. .. ??

Jonathan Rochkind <> írta:
>You do it all in Apache.  Typical way to deploy mongrel is fronted with 
>an Apache reverse proxy. You need to set up everything in Apache, and 
>have the right requests proxied to the right mongrel. It&#39;s all about 
>apache, no config in Mongrel.
>You may also want to consider mod_rails/passenger instead of mongrel, it 
>seems to be more popular these days for Rails deployment, and you may 
>find it easier to set up the way you want.

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