I switched from gem "memcache-client" to gem "memcache" and it works 
without any problems. Both gems are installed in the same way etc.

Unfortunately rails when set to use memcache as a session store 
references to the "memcache-client" so that needs to be included also 
and I'm back with the original error message.

Funny things is of course that it's not really using that 
"memcache-client" gem as in an initializer i say

CACHE = Memcache.new(:server => "localhost:11211", :namespace => 'web', 
:segment_large_values => true)

And in session_store.rb

ActionController::Base.session = {
  :key         => '_xxxxx',
  :secret      => 'xxxxxxx',
  :cache      => CACHE,
  :expires    => 15.minutes

So the end result is that when I start mongrel with "mongrel_rails 
start" it complains that "no such file to load -- memcache-client" but 
the server keeps running and app works as that gem is not really used.

> When you start mongrel_rails, you're doing without daemonize, correct?


> There is no configuration file that indicates mongrel should change
> user or group when running, correct?


> It might be that the memcache-client gem is not installed system wide.

In my local env I'm using rvm to handle different ruby envs. So the gems 
are installed to specific ruby env under my home dir, not system wide. 
But i did try this with system wide installation also and it didn't 

> Can you build an exact pastie/gist of the output you're receiving? (or
> can replicate with a simple rails app?)

Here's the output:
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