Hi Martin,
is this a new mail Format used by monit 5.19. or an old Format?
> the prefix "'/usr/local/sbin/inactive.sh' failed with exit status (1) -- " is 
> part of the event description.

With monit 5.18 I got mails like the following.
Monit UUUU Manager_Lsof Status succeeded
Monit alert
Service Manager_Lsof event Status succeeded
at Sat, 10 Sep 2016 09:23:08 on SSSS
status succeeded [status=0] -- lsof 1966
Yours sincerely, Monit

With the monitrc definitions like this.
set mail-format { from: mo...@aaaa.de
  subject: Monit UUUU $SERVICE $EVENT
  message: Monit $ACTION
Service $SERVICE event $EVENT
at $DATE on $HOST
Yours sincerely, Monit }

Yes, the mail contain the usefull Status Information, but the script
Name is not part of the mail.
Bye, Lutz

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