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Thanks for getting these proposals out Rolf.

I am not a fan of any of the provided options.

We have two issues here: Mono is doing the right thing by supporting “chained 
handlers”, but many of these libraries can not chain signal handlers.

Let me propose that we add a pair of methods, to undo the signal handling 
setup, and to restore the handling setup and surface those to managed code.

The code for things like HockeyApp would become:

        Mono.UndoSignalHandlingSetup ();                // SIGSEGV points back 
to original handlers
        HockeyAppInstallHandlers ();                    // SIGSEGV now points 
to HockeyApp handlers
        Mono.InstallSignalHandlers ();                  // SIGSEGV now points 
to Mono handler, that have chained capabilities

The Undo/Install is necessary for the rare case of a library that can do proper 
chaining and might want to chain to another handler, so they would not chain 
back to Mono.


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