Hey Rolf,

On your suggestion, I’m not sure that’s exactly what we want.
Even though we can ask user to do signal chaining themselves, I don’t think 
it’s necessary. I don’t think we should be promoting the broken design of posix 
signals around. ;)
Another thing is that this design is not portable and exposes a bit too much of 
mono internals.

What about this: https://gist.github.com/569e860dd7e73bde0d8d098f95143662

It probably won’t compile as I normalized the signature of 
mono_handle_native_sigsegv with other similar functions.


On 9/19/16, 3:25 AM, "Rolf Kvinge" <rolf.kvi...@microsoft.com> wrote:

    > From: Rodrigo Kumpera
    > Hey guys,
    >  Exposing signal handlers from managed code is always the wrong solution.
    > If we're crashing in the runtime, a managed code signal handler has very 
little chance of works. It's a scenario we will never even consider supporting.
    This is not about exposing signal handlers to managed code, the signal 
handlers we want called are always in native code.
    > I guess the simple solution is to add an embedding API call that queues 
signal handlers
    > to be called first before chaining to the OS one.
    Something like this: 

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