What we want to do is to allow the user to configure at build time whether to 
use BoringSSL that we maintain, or use a system installed version of OpenSSL, 
that way Mono does not have to ship with the crypto, and if you update your 
OpenSSL installation on the system, the updates will flow into Mono directly.


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Date: Friday, September 30, 2016 at 11:09 PM
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Subject: [Mono-dev] TLS Providers

Congrats to the team on the new BoringSSL TLS backend!

Our team is attempting to get our appliance FIPS certified to be able to sell 
into the US government. In our case, we must use the pre-approved version of 
OpenSSL that’s installed on the box. My question is whether the plan is still 
to allow developers to provider their own TLS provider assemblies (as described 
 I ask since reading the code in master seems to suggest this may no longer be 
the case.

Matt Zinkevicius

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