Hi all,
As I received only one reply to my query headed 'Mad Max' (thanks Paul) I
am assuming many of you thought it was probably a poster request and
ignored it, so I'm having another go.
I acquired a Mad Max (1979) British quad with the silver background and the
strapline 'The last law etc.', but it has no credits,  no 'printed by' or
NSS Ltd information, yet I am assured and believe it was displayed in a
cinema. It is also missing the red haze over the Interceptor.
Someone who deals with a lot of British quads came to the following
conclusion -

Very interesting!

It is definitely not a fake or a recent re-print for two obvious reasons:

1. It’s on the correct pre-1980’s paper stock.
2. It would be hard to fake silver print.

I also cannot see why anyone would fake the poster but leave out all the
above details, and the person I obtained it from worked in a cinema and
provided me with some other quads which are obviously all genuine. Anyone
seen something similar or have any ideas, please?


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