I am looking for any kind of movie paper for the german Karl May western from 
the 1960s:

Treasure of the Silver Lake
Apache Gold
Last of the Renegades
Desperado Trail
Flaming Frontier
Rampage at Apache Wells
Thunder at the Border
The Shoot/ Yellow Devil
Apanatchi the Halfbreed
Shatterhand/ Apaches Last Battle
Fury of the Sabres

From the US, I am mainly interested in 3-Sheets and 6-Sheets. The only Onesheet 

I will consider any international material, preferably from Sweden, Finland, 
Hungary, the UK, the USSR, Turkey and Argentina. 

Also, international stills, program books, and related ephemera are of 
interest. The client will even consider any US posters showing foreign censor 
stamps, that prove that a movie was shown in a specific country.

Please let me know prices and condition.

Thank you,


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