howdy Just gota interesting piece..its two easel stand up looks like lobbie crads however no nyumbers so assume it was a display for the concession or somewhere..i neversaw these before..

Its MGM cinemascope..and one scene is chorus Girls..and one shot is a mn apodium speaking to thecrowd of people ..both in color and they are mounted on a chipboard stock with the easel backs they have not been used however there is edge wear and there is light soil from age

You can have both cards for 50.00 plus 10/00 sent USPS insured priority mail in USA Packed well..and youwill get somefree vintahe old movie theater tickets fromthe jesse james drive in

From the dream factory™ my ebay seller id is- Dream Factory

Hollywood dream factory ® since 1977

serving collectors world wide.
I take paypal at the email
or call me 419-474-3065

wish everyone a great presidents day just got in a slew of new dvds..elvis magazines, some toys old cameras, projectors, books and other stuff... chance are in 41 years i may have something you like send want lists and perhaps i will find your movie memorabilia..i also have music stuff,theater, comic, andpop culture stuff that i forgot i had.... LOL:)

how about some old postcards from the 30s...yep...78 records,,,TV related stufflike books and videos of old shows.... its all here i just take awhile to find it as im crazy and part blind.... but my heart is in the right place and i love people

I must be nuts as i am also buying when i can or make me a deal i cant refuse...because the other guys sell more then me but i just love old hollywood even if i cant sell it so im the home for homeless collections no one else will take... I just got a lot of magazine i cant even read as they are in German...from 1902 as they are just cool with the ads and i cant wait to find someone who needs these.......hahah plum loco crazy ..but the preservation of old crap... someone has to do it...

your trash is probably my treasure..or ill get it to the dump for you and cure you of stuffitus type 4...


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