Dan Glover said:

I'm not much into politics. The wheel turns. Now is the time for
stupid people to rule. That'll pass as it always does. If you accept
the basic tenet of the MOQ, that quality and morality are identical,
then you might also see how what's better is driving evolution on all
four levels. And what's better doesn't necessarily mean intellect
always rules.

jc:  Thanks Dan.  That helps.  It helps a lot.

It helps me, at least.


I read this article about how birds what live along
roadways are evolving shorter wingspans. That doesn't presuppose as
some would have it an intelligent being overseeing such happenings nor
is it a matter of chance. Rather, birds with long wingspans are unable
to fly away quickly enough and are killed by cars thus unable to
propagate. Short wings are better.

jc:  The California Condor, for instance, is no longer actually viable.
They survive, but only because interested humans intervene to breed them in

 Out in the real world, they're hopeless.  Since they make their living on
dying animals and the most common dying animals these days are creatures
roadkilled by the  new millennium's need for speed, they are sitting ducks,
tucking in for dinner, on two lane stretches with death looming in the
headlights at 65 mph.

They need shorter wings.

Don't we all.




There are so many ah ha moments in life which we gloss over.

Especially  things that don't fit our preconceived notion of the
world and our place in it.

If the MOQ teaches us anything, it should
be to wake us up.

To be there.

To give our attention to what is right in
front of us instead of forever planning for tomorrow.
(edited a bit :)
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