Dear all, 

As a lot of instructors moving courses online, I got a bunch of inquiries 
about 3D Slicer / SlicerMorph functionalities. I created a summary document 
that covers the basic data types, and some of the fundamental functionality 
(both for 3D image processing and morphometrics tools).

It links out to additional documents and tutorials (both written 
step-by-step and video) for highlighted text. 

I also enabled a web-accessible SlicerMorph at 
(click X11 session). A dataset for GMM is already loaded. And there are 
also links to some previously loaded 3D scans. Play with it, and if you 
like it you can download the desktop version (which is exactly the same) 
following the instructions in the google doc. 

I will try to keep it online until Friday, as we don't currently have the 
resources to keep it running longer. Just a note that this is a shared 
session so if there is another person connected to it, you'll both see the 
same thing. 



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