Hi, I want to be added in the new list!

2014-07-31 11:24 GMT-03:00 "Menéndez, Zulema" <zul...@ipk.sld.cu>:

> I want to be a subcriber to the new list,
> best regards,
> Z.
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> De: morphmet [mailto:morphmet_modera...@morphometrics.org]
> Enviado el: Jue 31/07/2014 03:23 a.m.
> Para: morphmet
> Asunto: MORPHMET - progress, but not there, yet.
> I have been making progress preparing the migration to the new system,
> but not quite there, yet. I hope to have this done by or over the weekend.
> I am writing this to let you know that when MORPHMET does come back up,
> you will receive an invitation to join the new list (actually just the
> old list in a new environment). You need to reply to this message when
> you receive it to continue to be a subscriber to the new (=old) MORPHMET.
> -dslice


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