I would like to be added to the new list.


On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 4:35 AM, Dennis E. Slice <dsl...@morphometrics.org>

> By "reply", I mean "respond" - there will be an "Accept This Invitation"
> button within the email. -ds
> On 7/31/14, 3:23 AM, morphmet wrote:
>> I have been making progress preparing the migration to the new system,
>> but not quite there, yet. I hope to have this done by or over the weekend.
>> I am writing this to let you know that when MORPHMET does come back up,
>> you will receive an invitation to join the new list (actually just the
>> old list in a new environment). You need to reply to this message when
>> you receive it to continue to be a subscriber to the new (=old) MORPHMET.
>> -dslice

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