Dear all,

I have 3D files in .stl format. I converted these files to .ply file in 
MeshLab (see figure below, the "Color" item cannot be checked):

I further noted that when I import the .ply file into Geomagic design, the 
model appeared in an attrative blue color. In Landmark, the model looked 
yellow to red. In Checkpoint, plain grey.

I want to know is there a way in which I can customize the color of the 
models in either Landmark or Checkpoint software. In particular, I want the 
models in Landmark/Checkpoint appear in the same blue color as in Geomagic 
(Question 1). I am not sure whether this is possible.

I particularly like the blue color in which the 3D models were presented in 
the paper "Evolution of the base of the brain in highly encephalized human 
species". However, I noted that the authors used Edgewarp, which 
unfortunately runs only in Linux system. Is there any GM software that 
allows presentation of 3D models in this blue color (Question 2)?

Best regards,

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