Hello everyone,

I am a bit confused about how to properly import and classify data for a 
Procrustes ANOVA in MorphoJ. Here is some more information about my data:

15 3D landmarks on human faces (object symmetry)
479 individuals
15 landmarks from 5 individuals digitized a second time
Sex and age as additional main effects

I realize I need to include a classifier that indicates a repeat (to be added 
as an Error classifier), but I am unsure how to import these data. So far, I 
have imported 1) the original data text file which includes the identifier and 
the XYZ coordinates for the original 15 landmarks and 2) a classifier text file 
which includes sex and age as covariates. I have separate XYZ coordinates for 
the repeat landmarks, but I don't know how these should be imported to 
implement the "repeat" classifier. 

Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks very much,

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