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Hello everyone. As I am new in the field of the geometric morphometrics, I am expressing my naive problem.. I am trying to analyze differences in the shape of two simple separate curves. These describe the radii of circles fitting to the condylar margins on the proximal and distal articular surfaces of the medial astragalar side respectively. I think I have followed the standard procedure. The recorded curves were resampled (always from a common homologous starting and ending position), granting the same number of evenly spaced 50 points (“by length” option in tpsDig) across all specimens.

I would double-check that corresponding points across different specimens sample the same structure.

Afterwards, the operation of converting into landmarks was conducted with the employment of the tpsUtil program resulting in 50 landmark configurations. So, my question is this: can I import their coordinates into Morphoj or even Past and ran the whole analysis there, including the superimposition? Or do I have to treat these data in an other way?

No. If these are, in fact, semilandmarks, these should be treated accordingly (sliding).

I have tried to make a slider file for both curves (2 landmarks at the two ends of the curves and 48 sliding landmarks between). As I load these nts files with the tps file with my 50 lanmarks in tpsrelw and perform the analysis there, the consensus and the rest results are wrong. More specifically, the position of landmarks has changed dramatically, as some of them have overslided and there are not placed equidistantly.

I would check different criteria for sliding (menu Options of tpsRelW).
Also, there are various discussions of criteria and relative advantages you might want to consult, such as
Perez et al 2006 - Journal of Anatomy
Gunz & Mitteroecker 2013 - Hystrix
To memory, the latter explicitly discusses a case which sounds similar to yours.

Also, it  seems that right and left specimens are not getting aligned at all.

I guess I would align them separately (unless you want to reflect and relabel one of the two sides prior to superimposition, which I imagine you'd have to do "manually"/scripting).

This was not the case, when I simply treated them as typical landmarks in morphoj..

That is because the Procrustes fit in MorphoJ includes reflection. You can find a description of this in the MorphoJ user guide.

I hope this helps,

Carmelo Fruciano
Postdoctoral Fellow - Queensland University of Technology - Brisbane, Australia
Honorary Fellow - University of Catania - Catania, Italy

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