Hello All,

I am performing a PLS regression between two sets of variables. The first 
one are landmark coordinates of Procustes aligned specimens. The second one 
are ecological variables. These ecological variables have different units. 
Can I input these ecological variables in block 2 even if they have 
different units? Or should I input Z-scores of these variables, for 
example? I am asking becasue I have tried doing it with the raw values and 
the results are that the loadings for one of the variables in PLS1 (which 
explains almost all the variation) is almost 1, and the loadings for the 
rest of the variables are almost 0. I interpret this as: shape is 
associated to this block of variables basically because it is associated to 
that ONE variable. But I am wondering if I am getting those results because 
that ONE variable has huge values (and so a huge variation range) whereas 
the rest have very low values (because of the units). 

Also, I take this opportunity to ask something I am not sure of: do the 
variables within one block have to be independent from each other?

Thanks very much!  

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