Hello all, 

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to work on an NSF funded 
project on the ecological and environmental drivers of body shape evolution 
across teleost fishes and we are keen to find someone with a good 
background in  morphometrics. 

It is a collaborative project between Samantha Price, at Clemson 
University, and Peter Wainwright, at the University of California, Davis; 
the postdoc will be based at Clemson. Research involves the generation and 
analysis of ecomorphological databases of linear measurements and geometric 
morphometric descriptions of fish shape taken from museum specimens, as 
well as environmental and ecological data collated from existing sources. 
These data are analyzed using phylogenetic comparative methods in a high 
performance-computing framework. The postdoc will assist in data collection 
and analysis, as well as supervising undergraduate researchers and will be 
expected to write and publish scientific papers.

Research in the Price lab is broadly focused on phylogenetic approaches to 
macroevolution and biodiversity, with the aim of identifying repeating 
themes and general principles governing the evolution of vertebrate 
diversity. We study both living and fossil animals and use data and 
techniques from across evolutionary and organismal biology, palaeobiology 
and data science.

It is a one-year appointment renewable for one or more additional years 
conditional upon performance. Applicants should have completed a Ph.D. or 
expect to do so prior to starting in the position. Starting date negotiable 
but strongly prefer Jan 2018.

 Review of applications will begin on Aug 7th 2017 and the position will 
remain open until filled.

 A successful applicant will have:

 - A doctoral degree in a relevant subject.

 - One or more of the following skill sets: geometric morphometrics, 
phylogenetic comparative analyses, functional morphology, fish diversity 
and natural history.

 - Experience collecting, collating and analyzing large morphometric and 
ecological datasets and working in museum collections.

- A solid track record of scientific publications and international 
conference presentations.

Interested candidates should email (1) an application letter summarising 
research interests, goals and qualifications as well as experience 
mentoring undergraduate research, (2) a CV and (3) contact information for 
at least two references to Samantha Price sapr...@ucdavis.edu. Please don't 
hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss the position prior to 
applying. Review of applications will begin on Aug 7th 2017 but the 
position will remain open until filled.

Samantha Price, Ph.D.
Dept. Evolution & Ecology
UC Davis
Davis, CA 95616
Website: www.evovert.com

Starting Fall 2017:
Dept. Biological Sciences
Clemson University
South Carolina 29634, USA

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