Dear All

I am analyzing 3D coordinates from non-human primate molars. I have in the
same dataset coordinate data for M1, M2 y M3. I performed multivariate
analysis using the size and shape (form) of all teeth together (M1, M2 and
M3). Now I am interested in perform analysis comparing individual teeth, so
I used the option Subdivide Dataset by and I divided my dataset by tooth
class. Subsequently, in order to perform multivaraite analysis I used the
option combine data set and I combined my M1 data for all species in one
dataset. The same procedure was used for M2 and M3. Since I am interested
in the shape component I done a  multivariate regression of the procrustes
coordinates on the CS. I obtained  a new dataset free of the allometric
component. I followed the same procedure to subdivide the general dataset
into individual datasets representing each molar teeth. However, when I
tried to combine my shape dataset is not posible, simply the shape dataset
was not present in the datasets available to combine the datasets, only the
form datasets are available to make the combination. So I cant performed
statistical analysis by individual teeth using the residuals of the
multivariate regression (i.e.,shape).

Somebody have suggestions on how I can divide my dataset in indidivdual
teeth in order to perform statistical analyses? and why the combine dataset
option apparently doesnt work for my shape data?

any suggestion or advise is more than wellcome

best regards


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